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Animal Mazes for Kids,Infant


This is a free and fun intellectual training app for children and babies, using simple smartphone operations to play a maze game.By placing your finger on your smartphone, your finger will act as a magnet, attracting the ball to it.Skillfully maneuver the ball and guide it to the goal.When you reach the goal, the animals will make all kinds of faces for you.* How to playA set number of balls will appear automatically.When you arrive at your goal, the ball will disappear.When you press the fruit button, fruit will appear during the course of the maze. Pick up the fruit on your way to the goal.When you press the timer button, the countdown will begin, and 1 ball will appear at the moment it starts.Try racing against your mom and dad or friends to get to the goal first. The rules for racing are up to you. You can think of many different ways of racing, like competing to collect all the fruit in the best time.